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Live True To Yourself

6 weeks to stepping into authenticity, reclaiming your energy, and developing unshakable clarity so that you live an aligned life.

Do you know that you want to make a shift in your life and want guidance to go deeper and be held accountable to the change that you want?


You're craving community and connection with like minded women and know that you learn most about yourself when you're surrounded by people who can reflect what's possible for you.


Do you tend to put everybody else's needs before your own, but you're looking for ways to dive deeper into self-nourishment and introspection? 


Are you craving a way to get more inspired and energized in your day in a way that is not overwhelming or adds more to your to do list?

You are ready to LIVE TRUE TO YOURSELF!


*Prioritizing your own well-being without feeling guilty or selfish.
*Establishing clear boundaries that protect your energy and create healthier relationships.
*Living a life that reflects your true values and passions, instead of constantly conforming to external expectations.

*Creating a sustainable self-care practice that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.
*Embracing all aspects of yourself and living authentically, unapologetically. 

What could be possible for you...

If you felt connected, you listened to yourself, and you expressed your needs clearly and confidently? If you felt more like yourself, had your energy back, and stopped over giving to others? If you had a supportive community of like-minded women who uplift and inspire you on your journey?

Live True to Yourself will give you the tools to master authenticity, boundary setting, & self-trust so that you can live an aligned life. 

What We'll Cover

Passion, Purpose, & Self-Validation

Together we will craft a vision for the way you want to show up, your own well-being, your relationships, career, family, and your life. We will help you get clear on what you really want and teach you the tools to develop the self-confidence to create it.

Emotional Authenticity & Intuitive Guidance

Radically authentic people embrace and express their true emotions and trust their inner wisdom. Lean into your own experience and inner guidance so that you can express your needs, make decisions with integrity, and understand the next steps in you life.

Self-Care, Well-Being, & Authentic Connections

If you want authentic relationships with others, you must first build an authentic relationship with yourself. Now is the time to commit to prioritizing your well-being so that you can build relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and genuine connection.

Self-Growth & Living In The Present

Let go of regrets about the past, worries about the future, and anchor yourself in the present moment so that you can evolve into the best version of yourself.

The Program

*Over the course of 6 weeks, you will have 4 online (Zoom) group sessions each 90-minutes.

* Dates: Tuesdays 6/13, 6/20, 7/11, 7/18

* Time:  11:30am-1:00pm (MST)


Here's what you will get...

A deep dive into my 8 pillars of living true to yourself & how to implement them into your life so that you can figure out what has been "off" in your life and quickly feel more confident, connected, and aligned.
Journal prompts, tools, and practices to mindfully and compassionately process what it means to live true to yourself so that you can move forward courageously into the authentic life that you are were always meant to live.  
An amazing group of women to uplift and support you on your journey. There is so much power in women gathering together to grow, evolve, and heal!

Here's what clients are saying...


I have had amazing benefits working with Molly and accredit her coaching work for helping to alleviate my anxiety. Molly is easy to make an instant connection with and creates an environment where you feel comfortable to share. 

-Kim B.
Denver, CO

Before I started working with Molly I would get completely frozen by anxiety. Now I have tools to deal with my anxiety, I am happier, more relaxed, and in tune with my body after years of just wanting to crawl out of my skin.

-Lisa K.
Denver, CO

Molly skillfully directs the conversation to a place of deeper understanding and connection. I am grateful for the powerful tools to heal and gain a stronger connection to myself. Thank you Molly!

-Rebecca J.

Denver, CO

Hi, I'm Molly

In early 2020, I had just had my daughter and I was adjusting to life as a mom of two. Six weeks after she was born the pandemic hit and my life (along with everyone else's) was turned upside down. I quickly lost myself. I felt disconnected, uninspired, and (of course) isolated and lonely.

Since then I have been on my own
journey of self-discovery and uncovering what it means to live unapologetically, authentically ME. 

Live True to Yourself is your compass on the path to living in alignment with your inherent wisdom, worth, and potential. I'm so excited to share this program with you so that you don't have to stay stuck anymore or spend years trying to figure out what works! You can have the tools and wisdom that took me a decade to learn in just 6 weeks! 

I wholeheartedly believe in this work an
d cannot wait to share it with you! I am honored to walk beside you on this path.

With LOVE,

How To Get Started

Step 1. Secure Your Spot by making your payment!
Step 2. Look our for an email that will come
within 24hrs. of making your payment.

Have questions or want to set up a call to learn more?

Send me a message...

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