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Recognize & Allow

"Molly will “meet you where you are” in your body, mind and spirit with such kindness and compassion." - Judi R.

Mindfulness is the first step in transformation. We cannot heal what we are not yet aware of.

Mindfulness coaching with Molly deepens your awareness of the present moment. It  helps you quickly recognize sensations & emotions in your body, and habitual patterns & behaviors.

Our tendency as human beings is to try to fix, change, and get rid of uncomfortable sensations and emotions. This puts us into a state of resistance and takes us further away from where we want to be. 


With Molly's guidance, you will learn what it means to allow your experience to be what it is without resistance so that healing can occur. 


Investigate & Nurture

“Molly skillfully directs the conversation with the various 'selves' to a place of deeper understanding and connection. I am grateful for this powerful tool to heal the parts that feel broken and to gain a stronger connection to myself.” -Rebecca J.

Once awareness is established, Molly uses a psycho-spiritual modality called voice dialogue to mindfully investigate the physical and emotional waves that are part of our human experience.

In voice dialogue we speak directly to the 'selves' or energies within to gain a deeper understanding of why they are there and what they need to facilitate healing.

Through this type of exploration, you will establish a connection to your highest, wisest, most compassionate Self. This 'self' is all embracing and meets whatever is arising within with a caring presence. 
When we learn to live from this energy, we are able to resolve inner conflicts and get ourselves ‘unstuck’ with ease.
As you explore your inner landscape and bring light to the parts of you that have been in the dark, you will experience inner peace and greater sense of wholeness. 
Voice Dialogue
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