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Do fears, anxieties, or insecurities hold you back?

Are you struggling to connect with others and live a meaningful life?

Is there somewhere in your life where you're feeling stuck?

Do you get caught in cycles of self-criticism, judgement, worry, or unworthiness?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, take a deep breath. It's OK, you're human!

Part of the human experience is facing uncomfortable sensations, emotions, and experiences. The waves of discomfort are inevitable, but we can learn to surf the waves with greater ease. 

Working with Molly will help you develop the awareness and tools to find freedom and joy in your life regardless of the circumstances. 
Awaken On All Levels





* Find peace in the midst of             physical pain.

* Awaken the body's senses.

* Calm your nervous system.

* Trust the wisdom of the body.

* Free yourself from limiting thought patterns.

* Cultivate more mindfulness and       compassion.

* Learn tools for mental ease

and clarity.

* Understand & heal unhealthy           behaviors.

* Deepen self-acceptance.

* Deconstruct belief systems.

* Navigate fear mindfully. 

* Live in the present moment.

* Explore your divinity.

*Manifest abundance.

*Increase your prana (life force          energy).


Mindfulness Coaching

Live in the Present Moment

Voice Dialogue

Deepen Self Awareness

Integrative Bodywork

Clear Physical, Mental & Emotional Blockages



Befriending Ourselves is a podcast that explores pathways to freedom through self-love and self-acceptance practices. It's an ongoing collection of talks and meditations that will help you feel more at home with yourself exactly as you are.

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