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FREE Training for Women on the Spiritual Path


Peace of Mind

3 steps to overcome doubt, worry, & negativity so that you live a balanced, peaceful and present life.

By the end of this FREE training you will learn...

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** 3 simple, yet powerful steps to overcome doubt, worry, and negativity so that you can live a balanced, peaceful, and present life!

** How putting these 3 steps into practice will create peace of mind and lasting inner peace.

** How I can help you move through your own mental & emotional blocks with greater ease.

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Kim B.

Denver, CO

"​Since working with Molly, I now understand that my anxiety isn't based in facts. I have able to work through what was behind the anxiety and even get off of my anxiety meds! Molly has such great understanding into human nature and comes at everything with such a positive attitude."

Natalie D.

Denver, CO

"Before starting working with Molly, I struggled with anxiety, anger, irritability, & control. Through our work, Molly has helped me become aware of myself in a sensitive way. I now understand that most parts of me just want to be seen, comforted, validated, honored, and acknowledged. By doing this, I can access my freedom. Molly is a gift to those who work with her." 
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Lisa K.

Denver, CO

"I finally have tools to deal with my anxiety and fear when they show up. Each session with Molly helps me to love and accept myself more- something I never thought I would do."

Here's what clients are saying...


This workshop helped me build understanding and compassion for the way my mind works. I now have concrete steps and I am able to relate to whatever I feel with so much more love and kindness. It’s absolutely empowering to know I am in control of my own healing. 

-Katie S.

Denver, CO

More Results...

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Rebecca J.

Denver, CO

"I am grateful for the powerful tools to heal the parts that feel broken and to gain a stronger connection to myself. Thank you Molly!"


Olivia B.

Lakewood, CO

"I started using the tools that Molly had taught me right away! Her love and presence for all she is doing can be felt immediately and has a positive impact. Working with her had helped me deal with daily stressors and the anxieties. If you haven't scheduled a call with her, do it... you won't regret it!"


Hope D.

Denver, CO

"Molly has given me a roadmap to a calmer more centered version of myself and I'm eternally grateful. Molly's intuition is like no other. It's like she's lived my experiences, processed it, and therefore is able to help me through challenges with so much compassion and insight."

How To Get Started

Lets connect!

My gift to you is a FREE 45-minute clarity call to dive deeper into if this program is right for you and answer any questions you may have. By the end of this clarity call you will:
** Get clear on what you want
** Identify what's standing in your way
** Understand how I can help you move forward more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible!

Find a spot on my calendar that works for you.


Send me a message if you have any questions that you'd like answered before the call or if you cannot find a time on my calander that works for you.

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