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Attention soul-centered women ready to overcome overwhelm and anxiety and start living a vibrant, peaceful, and present life?

Reclaim Your Life

Discover how women are reclaiming their energy and mastering their emotions without adding more to their to-do list. 


The secret is NOT in doing more. It’s in doing less! Let me show you how...

Are you ready to stop waiting for your life to fall perfectly into place before you decide to be happy? Isn't it time you embody the peace, presence, and joy that you are longing for?


"Molly has helped me build understanding and compassion for myself. It’s absolutely empowering to know I am in control of my own healing."

Katie S. 


"Molly has given me a roadmap to a calmer more centered version of myself and I'm eternally grateful.

Hope D.


Before meeting Molly, I was in a major life transition. Molly gave me tools to access the solid, wise part of myself who just knows what’s best. I now feel like I'm the person I was always meant to be.

Linnea M.

Let me guess.....


You feel overwhelmed by stress, anxious feelings, or the demands of everyday life, leading to a sense of heaviness and imbalance.


You feel like your life is about everyone else and there's never time for you. You can't seem to catch a break from everyday responsibilities.


You are lost in a dark cloud of your own thoughts- constantly worrying, planning for the future, and stressing about things that haven't happened yet. 


You want to be present in every aspect of your life, but it's like your thoughts won't let you!


You want to get out of your funk, but are unsure of where to begin.


You tend to take out your emotions on the people you love most leaving you with an overwhelming sense of guilt.

Sound familiar? This course is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!

What If...

You mastered the art of slowing down so that you could really listen to yourself and your own needs?

You learned to respond to life rather than react to it?

You knew exactly what you needed to to come back into balance whenever you felt “off”?

You made peace with your emotions rather than fought with them?

You had unshakable trust in your ability to walk yourself through whatever life challenges came your way?


You are so much more than the stress that's been weighing you down. 

Hi, I'm Molly...

Creator of Reclaim Your  Life!


Even though I have been supporting soul-centered women over the past decade to rise to their TRUE potential, I know what it’s like to feel stuck, depressed, and disconnected from myself.

Because years ago, that struggle consumed my life. My daughter was born just a few weeks before the pandemic. The world shut down and I had a 2 year old and a newborn. It became a very difficult time in my life.

I know what it’s like to wake up and feel unexcited about the day ahead. And to lay down at night dreading having to do it all over again the next day.

So, I know how painful it can be.

AND, I know what it’s like to be on the other side of it.

Reclaim Your Life teaches you the exact steps that I use and teach my clients to use to move through challenging emotions and life situations without all the stress and overwhelm that typically comes alongside it. 


Reclaim Your Life is...

Your step by step framework to get your life back by overcoming burnout, anxiety, & overwhelm so that you can enjoy life again!

Stop waiting for your life to fall perfectly into place before you decide to be happy! 

It’s time to take your peace, happiness, and emotional well-being into your own hands.

"​Since working with Molly, I now understand that my anxiety isn't based in facts. I've been able to work through what was behind the anxiety and even get off of my anxiety meds."

Kim B.


"I started using the tools that Molly had taught me right away! Working with her has helped me deal with daily stressors and anxieties. If you haven't scheduled a call with her, do it... you won't regret it!"

Olivia B.

“You more than anyone in the entire universe deserve your love and compassion.”


When you change your relationship with yourself…

You change your life.


Here's what you're going to get inside Reclaim Your Life...

The Framework

Stop the endless spiral of stress and overwhelm in 3 simple steps so that you can get back to the best of YOU.

Practical Implementation

Take the information from an idea into an experience so that you know exactly how to implement each step in daily life.

Worksheets/Journal Exercises

Integrate the tools and apply them to your life so that you can go from surviving to thriving in no time!

Part 1- Overview
  • Activate your vision for what’s possible in your path to a vibrant, aligned life.

  • Acknowledge the challenges you’ve been facing so that you feel less alone.

  • Get introduced to the 3 life changing steps that take you from chaos to calm.

Part 2- Why You’re Stuck
  •  Why you feel the way you feel (hint: It’s probably not what you’re thinking!).

  • Why the things you’ve been doing to relieve stress aren’t working what to do instead to find the freedom and peace that you want in your life.

  • The secret spiritual teachers tell you to do in order to create peace.

Part 3- How To Reclaim Your Life
  • The one thing that is essential to reclaiming your life. Once you get this, anything is possible!

  • 3 step process that changes the game and creates lasting balance within.

  • Explore current challenges so that you can start to do the work that will set you free.

Part 4- Step 1 of 3
  • Stop contributing to your downward spiral, by doing this one thing most people make the mistake of doing.

  • Create space within you, calm the emotional waves, and become less reactive.

  • Tune into what your body is telling you and reconnect to yourself.

Part 5- Step 2 of 3
  • Simple mindset shift that opens the door to greater peace, ease, and presence.

  • Soften your heart and let your guard down so that you can be more present and enjoy life.

  • Understand why you do things the way you do (even when you don’t want to!).

Part 6- Step 3 of 3
  • The real reason you’re suffering and how to put an end to it!

  • Connect to a powerful healing force to transform your emotional state.

  • Clean up your relationship with yourself so that it serves the person you want to be!


Here's What's Included...

6 training videos that teach you exactly what you need to know to be successful ($197).

3 guided practices to embody the teachings.

4 Journal Exercise Worksheets ($97).

  • Identifying Where You’re Stuck

  • Deepening Awareness to Find Freedom

  • Patterns of Self-Protection

  • Activating Your Inner Healer

BONUS-  Understand Your Resistance Patterns ($47)
Guided Meditation Downloads ($57)

Total Value: $398

Today's Price: $17 USD

RYL course promo (2).png

I know you want to...

Feel lighter and more excited about life.

Be present and enjoy a higher quality of  life.

Wake up excited about the day ahead.

Feel connected to the people you love.

Have time again for yourself again without any guilt.

Feel a deep sense of calm within you.

Reclaim Your Life is exactly what you need to step back into control of your emotional state, feel confident, and feel like yourself again!

No more sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to change.

It’s time to step up and be that change.

Reclaim Your Life will give you exactly what you need to do that.

"Before starting working with Molly, I struggled with anxiety, anger, irritability, & control. Molly has helped me become aware of myself in a sensitive way. I have learned how to access my freedom through self-compassion. Molly is a gift to those who work with her." 

Natalie D.

Plus You'll Get...

Understand Your Resistance Patterns Worksheet

Bring awareness your patterns so that they stop controlling and limiting you. Get out of your own way so you can move forward!



3 Guided Meditation Downloads

Bring the tools and practices with you anywhere so that you have what you need to process challenging emotions and re-establish a sense of wellbeing easily from your phone or tablet.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 124524.png

Molly has given me powerful tools to heal the parts that feel broken and to gain a stronger connection to myself.

Rebecca J.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 124720.png

"I finally have tools to deal with my anxiety and fear when those emotions show up.”

Lisa K.

Through working with Molly I have learned so many tools to stop, be present, reset and set boundaries. I am lighter, happier and more joyful! 

Sarah B.

Take A Peek Inside Reclaim Your Life...

Picture This...


You wake up excited about the day ahead because you know anything is possible!

You enjoy life's tiny, beautiful moments because you no longer have a cloud of anxiety and overwhelm hanging over your head.

You're living in the here and now rather than lost in thoughts about the future, stressing about things that haven't even happened yet.

You look back at a time when you stayed overly busy just to avoid falling behind because you believed it was the only way to keep your head above water.

You're so grateful that you're no longer caught in that trap and you don't have to convince yourself NOT to feel anxious anymore.


Still on the fence about jumping into Reclaim Your Life?

Did I mention your purchase was 100% risk-free? 

Try Reclaim Your Life for 30 days and if you aren’t loving the results, I’ll give you every dollar back. 

Let’s quickly review everything you’ll get when you jump into Reclaim Your Life...

3 step plan that will stop overwhelm and stress in its tracks and anchor you into greater peace in your life.

Meditations that connect you to your body and build awareness so you can finally let go of what doesn't serve you. 

Journal exercise worksheets that help you understand why you're stuck so that you see yourself in a new light.

Everything you need to take action so you can feel empowered and confident when it comes to your emotional well-being.

RYL course promo (2).png

My Question For Your Is...

What happens if you stay the same?

How much longer are you willing to stay disconnected to yourself and others, stressed, and anxiously seeking for answers to get out of the rut you are stuck in?


Why are you offering ALL of this for such a low cost? 

Because this price puts these transformative teachings, tools, and practices within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginner. Also, anyone who's not serious enough about their wellbeing to invest this small amount isn't going to take the time to do the inner work regardless. From experience, I know that when people are not willing to invest, then no matter what, they’ll never actually do what it takes to uplevel their life.


I have no experience with anything like this. Will this work for me?

Of course! Everyone starts somewhere and this is the perfect way to begin. The steps are simple, yet profound. 


What if I realize this isn’t the right offer for me? 

Your purchase is 100% risk-free! You can try Reclaim Your Life for 30 days and if you aren’t seeing results, I’ll give you every dollar back. 


When do I get to start once I buy? 

As soon as you enter your CC info, you’ll receive an email with access to a membership site and you can dive right in!

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