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“I decided to RISE even though there’s risk and that’s what it means to SHINE.”

-Molly Robinson


Are You...

Ready to become an active leader in your own life so that you can live life on YOUR TERMS rather than feel like a passenger who’s just along for the ride?

Longing for more space within you, more connection to those around you, and more vibrancy in day to day life?

Willing to step up and be done waiting for the life you are craving to fall into your lap?


Craving time to pour into yourself so that you can offer the VERY BEST of yourself back to your family, passions, and community?


Hungry for a wholehearted, aligned life that you are excited to wake up to?


I know you’re a heart centered woman who’s…


You pour your whole heart and an abundance of energy into those around you that matter most, and you likely forget to pour the same love and care into yourself.


You have big dreams for what you KNOW on a bone deep level is possible for yourself and your life, AND YET…


You probably sense that you are still holding back, unintentionally of course.

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  • Pour into yourself and awaken your ability to heal yourself.

  • Master self-awareness so that the things that once slowed you down become the medicine that moves you forward.

  • Become unshakably confident in your ability to lead yourself through whatever challenges life brings.

So how do you elevate your life, courageously move through the things that hold you back, and make the life you WANT the life you HAVE?

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Ready to put this into action? Join me at the RISE & SHINE 1 day retreat!

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Saying YES to this means you’re going to…
  • Activate your vision of the version of you that you are BECOMING and expedite the manifestation process- you get to have this NOW!

  • Pour into yourself through powerful self-healing techniques that impact body, mind, & spirit ~ Even learn to give YOURSELF a full body massage!

  • Become a master of self-awareness by uncovering the blocks that are holding you back and transforming them into OPPORTUNITIES to grow & evolve so that you can live life on YOUR TERMS.

  • Step into your leadership so that you can confidently walk yourself through inevitable challenges. I always say, “you can’t control the waves, but you can learn to surf.”


Not only is this a feel good event where you leave a completely transformed version of yourself (which you will), but it's ALSO an in depth training where you will learn exactly what you need to do to uplevel your life, get out of your own way, and master the art of manifestation. 

And we will do it TOGETHER~ Get connected, be inspired by one another, support each other, love on each other, hold each other, & pour into not just ourselves but our COMMUNITY of INCREDIBLE WOMEN!
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Sunday, April 21st


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Human Universal Health Institute

455 S. Hudson St., Denver, CO 80246

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Early Bird Pricing
$247 (through March 24th)

Nourishing lunch & snacks will be provided.

Lunch provided by a local, woman owned business~  Feel Better Food Co.

I know life is hectic, and your schedule is full, which is why you need this MORE THAN EVER!

Clear your schedule, make your calendars, tell your partners that they are on kid duty, call in
the grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends to help you make this possible so that the dream, the
vision that you WANT for yourself and your life can move from just an idea to REAL LIFE!

Hi, I'm Molly! Spiritual Teacher & Coach.

Even though I have been supporting soul-centered women over the past decade through several healing modalities to RISE to their TRUE potential, I know what it’s like to feel stuck, depressed, and disconnected from myself.

Because years ago, that struggle consumed my life. My daughter was born just a few weeks before the pandemic. The world shut down and I had a 2 year old and a newborn. It became a very difficult time in my life.

I know what it’s like to wake up and feel unexcited about the day ahead. And to lay down at night dreading having to do it all over again the next day.

It got so bad that I went on anti-depressants, which was actually the best gift I could have ever given myself. It saved me! And I am a huge advocate of medication when needed.

So, I know how painful it can be.

Aaaaaaaand, I know what it’s like to be on the other side of it.

To not just survive, but thrive and to have a life where I wake up smiling and squeezing my beautiful kids because I feel such an abundance of LOVE in my life. I go to bed at night thinking about how grateful I am for what I have created. Yes, you, just like me, are a powerful creator of your life


The best part is that I am more connected to myself than I have ever been. I have put in the “work” to align my actions, mindset, and relationship with myself with where I want to go and the SKY’S THE LIMIT!

I want this kind of life for everyone! That’s why I do the work that I do.

Because I know how limiting it can be when you are sitting on the sidelines of your life waiting for something to change. I have dedicated myself to helping women create a life of abundance in ALL forms.

Life is WAY too short to spend it wishing and waiting for change to happen TO YOU. NO MORE sitting on the sidelines of your life waiting for something to change! You are your own best catalyst for transformation and powerful beyond measure. I’d be honored to support you.

This retreat is the culmination of my work over the past decade and the marriage of bodywork,
energy healing, mindfulness practice, and coaching.

I’m so excited to share these life-changing tools and practices with you!

See you there!

With So Much Love,



Kim B.

"​Since working with Molly, I now understand that my anxiety isn't based in facts. I've been able to work through what was behind the anxiety and even get off of my anxiety meds! Molly has such great understanding into human nature and comes at everything with such a positive attitude."

woman 4

Lisa K.

"I finally have tools to deal with my anxiety and fear when they show up. Each session with Molly helps me to love and accept myself more- something I never thought I would do."


Natalie D.

"Before starting working with Molly, I struggled with anxiety, anger, irritability, & control. Through our work, Molly has helped me become aware of myself in a sensitive way. I have learned how to access my freedom through self-compassion. Molly is a gift to those who work with her." 

"I started using the tools that Molly had taught me right away! Her love and presence for all she is doing can be felt immediately and has a positive impact. Working with her had helped me deal with daily stressors and anxieties. If you haven't scheduled a call with her, do it... you won't regret it!"

Olivia B.

Smiling Portrait

Rebecca J.

"I am grateful for the powerful tools to heal the parts that feel broken and to gain a stronger connection to myself. Thank you Molly!"


Hope D.

"Molly has given me a roadmap to a calmer more centered version of myself and I'm eternally grateful. Molly's intuition is like no other. It's like she's lived my experiences, processed it, and therefore is able to help me through challenges with so much compassion and insight."


Katie S.

"Molly has helped me build understanding and compassion for the way my mind works. I now have concrete steps and I am able to relate to whatever I feel with so much more love and kindness. It’s absolutely empowering to know I am in control of my own healing."

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